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Cynthia Salzman Mondell Talks about the Shoe Confessional at the Dallas Museum of Art

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters: Shoe Confessional
Dallas Museum of Art
Jan. 20 and Feb. 11-12, 2012

This Friday, January 20, 2012, the Shoe Confessional will debut at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). Filmmaker Cynthia Salzman Mondell, Media Projects Inc., will be collecting women’s stories about their shoes for her film Sole Sisters. The Shoe Confessional will be part of the DMA’s Late Nights. Additional Shoe Confessional dates at the DMA will be February 11 and 12, 2012.

Mrs. Salzman Mondell took a few minutes to answer our questions about the Shoe Confessional.

What should someone expect when they get to the DMA? Is there actually a Shoe Confessional?

We built a full size confessional equipped with two cameras and a monitor so people could see their shoes. We have some questions for women (and men, but mostly women) but they can tell any shoe story they want to divulge in the privacy of the confessional.

We are really, really excited about the confessional. It was designed by Jen Malden. The building was led by Arnuflo Chavez. We had a lot of community help from artists and designers, who donated their time and materials. The confessional is a real community project.

You mentioned two cameras with one focused on the person’s shoes. Are you encouraging people to wear the shoes they will be confessing?

Yes, they can. We will have questions about a person’s favorite shoes but we want to go a little deeper.

Every woman has shoes in her closet that she does not wear, but she will never get rid of them because those shoes hold something very intimate and special for that woman. Shoes are like memories. We want to find out what stories those shoes hold.

Where at the DMA will the Shoe Confessional be located?

The confessional will be near the contemporary exhibits, which is the south end of the building. You will not be able to miss the confessional. There will be a huge sign with a really big stiletto heel with Sole Sisters on it. There will be a team of volunteers at the DMA to direct people.

Are you expecting a lot of people?

Oh, I hope so.

What will be the end result of the shoe confessions?

We hope some of it will be in the film. We are working with David Friedman from Wave Maker Audio to make sure the sound is going to be good. So we can possibly use the audio in the film. If not, we might be able to use the stories in some other way.

What kind of stories are you expecting?

We have gotten a lot of different stories about all kinds of shoes.

One story that really touched me was about a woman at the Senior Source. The woman talked to me about a special pair of peach colored shoes. I asked her why she keeps those shoes by her bedside. She said she wore those shoes every Thursday night when her husband would take her dancing. She said he passed away a year ago, but she keeps the shoes to remind her of him, and of the time she was the happiest.

Shoes evoke a lot of emotion and a lot of memories. It’s an accessory that has a very strong identity for women.

Every shoe has a story. Every woman has both.

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