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Museum of History Vying to bring Technological Mastery to El Paso

The El Paso Museum of History is hoping their call for a TouchCity Digital 3-D Wall in the upcoming bond election is favorable to the El Paso Community. Currently there is only one TouchCity Wall in the world. It resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Museum of History wants to be second in the world and the first in the United States. It is designed by media mogul, the Gibson Group, based in New Zealand. The Wall is approximately 36’ long by 6’high. More than 400,000 visitors viewed the Copenhagen Wall in its first six months. The El Paso Museum of History is hoping for similar numbers.

What is the Wall? Dreamlike, the city will rise up before its audience as a 3D image. With a mere wave of your hand across the screen you are able to glide effortlessly from neighborhood to neighborhood through city streets and interact with El Paso’s rich cultural heritage and our present day City landscape. You are also able to stop the imagery and move closer to whatever catches your interest. By tapping on an image, related historical text appears. You can share information via sending postcards with El Paso images and emails from the Wall to anywhere in the world.

It is the intent of the Museum to become the Digital Visitor Gateway to area history, not only for El Pasoans and their guests, but for every visitor to El Paso and the surrounding region. The Wall will be built as part of the museum’s communication strategy to correspond with El Pasoans around the world, and become the Ambassador of El Paso’s Positive Image. Another goal is to become a single resource and recipient for historic digital imagery and fact-finding text. Students and teachers will instantaneously turn to the Wall to upload history projects and for project research. The depth of imagery and community input is endless.

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