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El Paso Museum of History’s Motorcycle Exhibit Makes Headway

Local motorcycle owners have come forward and are excited about the El Paso Museum of History’s upcoming History of the Motorcycle exhibit this coming July 1 – December 31, 2012. It is estimated that the museum has room for 50 bikes. So far, development director Jim Murphy states, they have 25 promised.

The goal of the exhibit is to provide a unique collection that will appeal to a wide audience. The bikes can be of any make or model. Being in perfect condition is not important; being unique is.

A short list of what has been offered:

  • 1939 Harley knucklehead
  • 1942 WLA Harley war bike
  • a Russian ice racer with spiked wheels
  • 1954 British Maxey
  • 1959 650 Triumph
  • 1975 750 Ducati
  • a Shovelhead blown fuel drag racer
  • a 1964 Harley panhead
  • and others

If interested, remember that the bikes will be on loan to the museum for a six-month period. Old posters, parts, books, advertisements, clothing are also being sought. For information contact Jim Murphy at 915-351-3588.

The El Paso Museum of History exists for the educational benefit of the community and visitors. It promotes the understanding and significance of the rich multicultural and multinational history of the border region known as the Pass of the North.

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One response to “El Paso Museum of History’s Motorcycle Exhibit Makes Headway”

  1. I think it’s great the the El Paso Museum of History is presenting the History of the motorcycle exhibit . This is something I would really like to see. i recently attended an auction of collectors bikes, most of them being vintage models, some British bikes a aerial square four, Triumph trident, Norton, Matchless, Others were Ducati and some older model Japanese bikes. I’m sure the exhibition will attract a real interest from motorcycle enthusiasts and other members of the public who would like further insight into the history of the motorcycle.