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Dallas Museum of Art Launches New Dashboard

The Devil's Dress by Michaël Borremans, 2011 (image courtesy the Dallas Museum of Art Dashboard)

The Devil's Dress by Michaël Borremans, 2011 (image courtesy the Dallas Museum of Art Dashboard)

Last week, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) announced the launch of a new website, Dallas Museum of Art Dashboard. Dashboard is a collection of real time stats about the museum. Dashboard is the museum’s way of sharing information that might elicit more public interest in the institution.

Currently, Dashboard displays the following bits of information:

  • Minority managers
  • Percent of public support
  • Number of employees
  • Assets
  • Number of smARTphone Tour Stops
  • Years of balanced budget
  • Size of DMA’s endowment
  • Miles on the Go Van Gogh van
  • Number of requests
  • New acquisitions
  • Corporate memberships
  • Household memberships

And this is just the tip of Church’s Icebergs (1861). By clicking on any of the top navigation sections (About, Art, Building, Financial, Fundraising and Technology), the site displays a whole slew of information and links to other departments.

For example, clicking on Art in the top navigation will bring up not only new acquisitions, but also number of objects, objects on loan, objects on the website, insurance, and more. Here are the current statistics for Art:

  • 15 new acquisitions
  • 3,837 objects on view
  • 423 on loan to the DMA
  • 7,207 objects online
  • $400,000,000 insurance on collection
  • 25 works on loan from the DMA

Clicking on the read more link will give more information. For some sections like New Acquisitions and DMA Objects on Loan, the additional information includes thumbnail and image galleries.

Anyone with more than just a passing interest in the Dallas Museum of Art would enjoy some of the information available in the Dashboard. For more information about the Dallas Museum of Art Dashboard, visit

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