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Janette Kennedy Gallery Presents Giovanni Valderas: HOMECOMING

King Pow Friday by Giovanni Valderas, 2011

King Pow Friday by Giovanni Valderas, 2011

Giovanni Valderas: HOMINGCOMING
Janette Kennedy Gallery
March 15 through March 28, 2012

Janette Kennedy Gallery presents HOMECOMING, new art work by artist Giovanni Valderas. University of North Texas (UNT) Graduate student debuts new paintings for his MFA Thesis exhibition.  His mixed media work consisting of paper, acrylic paint, wood, drawing and screen print depicts ambiguous objects and memories in an effort to evoke a sense of mystery and clarity of personal relationships.

The artist chooses objects that seem unimportant-items that are readily discarded, but carry important roles in forming deep attachments. The mementos of sharing meals with family are but one example. The object is then ground in a chaos of fringe and confusion onto a background of a muted color field which contributes to a sense of physical space and anchors the piece while giving the object a sense of investigative freedom.

The Artist borrows frayed elements from the piñata, in an effort to transform its original identity from one of mere birthday celebrations to one of an alternate identity of decaying traditional family structures. The use of fringe and collaged abstraction is not meant as only embellishment. While it certainly provides a tactile texture pleasing to the touch, the fringe also permeates the structure of the painting as if they were bacterial spores creating a reproduction chain specifically suited for living in unfavorable conditions. The anatomical aspect of the piñata is also appropriated and amplified, creating a complex network suggesting the strength and the inner complexity of relationships.

Valderas’ hopes the paintings at first glance may seem like frivolous abstractions, but upon closer inspection reveal an alternate identity, signifying the decay of traditional family structures.

The exhibition will run from March 15 – 28, 2012 with an artist reception on Saturday, March 17, 2012, from 6-9 p.m.

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