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El Paso Museum of Art Announces Inquisitive Eyes: El Paso Art 1960 – 2012

Guadalupe Mountains by Eugene Thurston, 1981

Guadalupe Mountains by Eugene Thurston, 1981

Inquisitive Eyes: El Paso Art 1960 – 2012
El Paso Museum of Art
June 17 through August 26, 2012

Inquisitive Eyes: El Paso Art 1960 – 2012 will open to the public Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 12 p.m. in the Woody and Gayle Hunt Family Gallery and the Tom Lea Galleries at the El Paso Museum of Art. Admission to the Museum and this exhibition are free to the public.

Inquisitive Eyes: El Paso Art 1960-2012

The exhibition Into the Desert Light: Early El Paso Artists 1850-1960, examined the development of artistic trends by the primary artists in imagery of the period. It sought to demonstrate that in the El Paso region traditions were strong, exhibition opportunities were few, the desert landscape was the subject of choice and European modernist influences, such as abstraction, did not have much of an effect on artists or collectors until the 1950s.

Inquisitive Eyes: El Paso Art 1960 – 2012 will continue the narrative by looking at a later period, when realism and representational imagery continued to form an important basis of art making. In addition to exploring examples of realistic imagery by some of El Paso’s best-known artists, the exhibition will investigate the work of other, under-recognized artists from the same region and period who worked with new subject matter and new practices. Inquisitive Eyes will explain the various reasons for working with realistic, semi-abstract or completely non-representational imagery and will indicate how modernist ideas opened the door to the development of new art forms and new subject matter.

This exhibition presents a glimpse into a period when there was an ongoing discussion about traditions and new directions. This recent period was one when unique cross-border relationships developed to support artists, when new definitions of art resulted in temporary, performance based and site specific works of art and when organizations fostered opportunities for artists working outside of traditional practices. This exhibition includes contemporary art from painting and installation to multimedia and new genres, but it also identifies some of the many highlights of art during this period for the delight of the viewer’s inquisitive eyes.


  • North American Communications
  • El Paso Museum of Art Foundation

Featured Artists

  • Manuel Acosta
  • Ray Lopez Aleman
  • Vladimir Alvarado
  • Celia Alvarez-Muñoz
  • Susan Amstater-Schwartz
  • Marta Arat
  • John Arnold
  • Julia Barello
  • Earline Barnes
  • Ho Baron
  • Richard Baron
  • Kim Bauer
  • Therese Bauer
  • Philip Behymer
  • Bruce Berman
  • Vincent Burke
  • Margarita Cabrera
  • Carlos Callejo
  • Julian Cardona
  • Robert Carlson
  • Frederick Carter
  • Melesio Casas
  • Antonio Castro
  • Sergio Chavez
  • Jose Cisneros
  • Carl Cogar
  • Holly Thurston Cox
  • Woody Crumbo
  • Suzi Davidoff
  • Rigoberto de la Mora
  • Francisco Delgado
  • Connie Dillman
  • James Drake
  • John Dunn
  • Gaspar Enriquez
  • Alberto Escamilla
  • Adrian Esparza
  • Noel Espinoza
  • David Fleet
  • Dave Ford
  • Mago Gándara
  • Gabriel Gaytan
  • Manuel Guerra
  • Carlos Gutierrez
  • Rudy Gutierrez
  • Virgil Hancock
  • Becky Hendrick
  • Ricardo “Rick” Hernandez
  • Jan Herring
  • César Ivan
  • Loren G. Janzen
  • Anna Jaquez
  • Luis Jiménez
  • Charles Kistenmacher
  • Susan Klahr
  • William Kolliker
  • Winifred Stoddard Korf
  • Tom Lea
  • Annabel Livermore
  • James Magee
  • Jimmie Lou Malone
  • Hal Marcus
  • Frederick Martin
  • Ernesto Martinez
  • Ann James Massey
  • Robert Massey
  • Candy Mayer
  • Diana Molina
  • Tom Moore
  • Rudy Montoya
  • Aaron Royal Mosley
  • David Nakabayashi
  • Maria Natividad
  • Carmen Navar
  • Mauricio Olague
  • Ruben Olvera
  • Ysela Fulton O’Malley
  • Mitsu Overstreet and Noah MacDonald of the Keep Adding Collective
  • Ray Parish
  • Mario Parra
  • Gloria Osuna Perez
  • L.B. Porter
  • Bill Rakocy
  • Paul Henry Ramirez
  • Sam Reveles
  • Hilda Rosenfeld
  • Rudy Royval
  • Ben Alire Saenz
  • Steve Salazar
  • Joel Salcido
  • Bob Snead
  • Jacquelyn Stroud Spier
  • Rachel Stevens
  • David Taylor
  • Rachelle Thiewes
  • Eugene Thurston
  • Aleksander Titovets
  • Lyuba Titovets
  • Miguel Valenzuela
  • Willie Varela
  • Leo Villareal
  • Bob Wade
  • Shane Wiggs
  • Bassel Wolfe
  • Albert Wong
City Worker by Gloria Osuna Perez

City Worker by Gloria Osuna Perez

El Jorongo Rojo by Manuel Acosta

El Jorongo Rojo by Manuel Acosta

Untitled Bridge to El Paso by Frederick Carter, 1970

Untitled Bridge to El Paso by Frederick Carter, 1970

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