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W.A.A.S. Gallery Announces Jonathan Ramirez’s Mayan Prophecy

Jonathan Ramirez: Mayan Prophecy at W.A.A.S. Gallery

Jonathan Ramirez: Mayan Prophecy at W.A.A.S. Gallery

Jonathan Ramirez: Mayan Prophecy
W.A.A.S. Gallery
Opening Friday, May 18, 2012

On May 18, 2012 W.A.A.S. Gallery is hosting our Resident Artist opening reception for the new solo exhibition by digital artist Jonathan Ramirez. Mayan Prophecy opens May 18, 2012 from 7-10 p.m.

Born in Monterrey N.L. Mexico, Ramirez is able to bring a very fresh perspective to the Dallas art scene. Differing greatly from the very commercial aspects of art in the DFW area, this exhibition includes a large variety of digital illustrations inspired by music, surrealism, depression, and darkness.

“I feel a need to create something dark and completely different from what anyone else around me is creating,” says Ramirez, about his beautifully disturbing images. “My work conveys a dismal tactility that is fairly absent in the world of modern art.”

Using a process that he calls Digitalism, Ramirez draws his images using a computer, rather than a physical brush, creating very introspective pieces that show the dark side of what art can really express.

Jonathan Ramirez has been exhibiting his work for the past two years, displaying in many cities in the United States, as well as in London (Debut Contemporary) and Spain. His work has also been reviewed in magazines throughout Europe, such as Rooms Magazine and Carpaccio Magazine . A few of the Mayan Prophecy pieces were a collaborating with Carlos Martyn Burgos from London & Larsa Bonden from Sweden showing that artist can and will work together.

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