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Dallas Artist Featured on HGTV Property Brothers Show

Steve Lawrence resident artist at the M Mansions Dallas’ amazing work of art will be featured prominently on the season premier of Property Brothers on HGTV, Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 8 p.m. CST. The art piece is called “the Morgan”, Steve, a self-taught artist with a classical education, studied art history in Rome as well as photography and gross anatomy in college. Steve naturally gravitated to art production, producing an astonishing amount of work-his color-drenched canvases have come to define his dynamic style.

His paintings look like beautiful accidents, belying the labor-intensive nature of his craft. For Steve, the process is as important as the product and he attends to every detail personally. Before his paintbrush touches the canvas, he applies layer upon layer of plaster for singular textural effects. These ‘color fields’ are favored by both personal and commercial collectors because of their ability to either blend into or command attention in their space.

Steve’s art has been featured in magazines and newspapers throughout Texas and his upcoming art exhibit opening in Fall 2012 at the M Mansions Dallas will be unrivaled with art aficionados vying for his one of a kind art pieces.

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