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El Paso Museum of Archaeology Announces Improve Access to Museum

Improved access to the El Paso Museum of Archaeology in the Northeast has recently been opened by TXDOT via two new westbound traffic lanes on the north side of Transmountain Road west of Highway 54.  The access to the museum now includes a right turn lane to enter the museum’s grounds and a merge lane when leaving the museum’s grounds.

Overall the expanded width of Transmountain Road has increased the visibility of the museum building to westbound motorists.  The Archaeology Museum can be recognized easily as the one-story terra cotta color building on the north side of Transmountain Road, adjacent to the National Border Patrol Museum.  The two museums are the only buildings on the north side of Transmountain Road, west of Highway 54, surrounded by the Castner Range open space.

From the west side of town, eastbound motorists on Transmountain Rd. can access the museum by continuing east on Transmountain past Highway 54 to Kenworthy where they can make a U-turn and proceed westbound to the museum.  This route will be in place temporarily while Transmountain construction continues.

In the vicinity of the museum, TXDOT has closed Gateway North and South around the Transmountain and Highway 54 intersection from June 6 through the end of October. 

Motorists traveling north on US 54 who want to reach the museum can take the Sun Valley exit, use the turnaround, take Gateway South and then turn right on Transmountain.

East and west bound lanes of Transmountain Road east of Highway 54 and eastbound lanes west of Highway 54 may be reduced to one lane while construction continues.  Motorists should follow detour signs to access Transmountain Road to reach the museum.

The public can call the museum at 915-755-4332 for information and updates.

We will continue to keep the public updated as changes occur while the section of Transmountain Road adjacent to the Archaeology Museum undergoes further improvements.

The museum’s regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 to 5 p.m.

Our Mission:

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology is dedicated to the interpretation of archaeological and anthropological artifacts through research, exhibits, and education.  We focus on the prehistory and culture of the El Paso-Juárez region and the Southwest.

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