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El Paso Museum of History Presents Powerful Native Songs, June 9

Bea Villegas in Ceremonial Dress (photo courtesy of Ilhulcatlahuilebea)

Bea Villegas in Ceremonial Dress (photo courtesy of Ilhulcatlahuilebea)

In conjunction with the exhibit, Healing Hands and Healing Ways: Traditional Medicine in the Borderlands, the El Paso Museum of History in co-sponsorship with Museo Urbano, a project of the Department of History at UTEP, is pleased to present Ilhuicatlahuilibea (Bea Villegas) who will present an interactive workshop on Powerful Native Songs. The workshop will take place in the Museum Seminar Room on Saturday, June 9, 2012 beginning at 2:00 PM. The workshop is free and open to all.

In the universe sound and movement are the evidence of life. Sound is the most prevailing thing in the life of human beings. With sound we can create powerful songs that will give us courage; fill and guide our lives. That is why we must have a song in our lives that will make us dance. In this workshop you will learn several simple songs that can help your body and you feel good.

Ilhulcatlahuilebea is the Indian name of Beatriz Villegas. It means “Light from the Sky.” Born in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico, she has served as a leader in Aztec (mechica) influenced Chicana/o indigenous circles, including the sweat lodge, a kalpulli, and Coordinator of the First Peace and Dignity run in 1992. Currently she is the Tecutli main representative of the Tlalteca Community. She recognized her true calling at the age of thirty, returning to her roots and spiritual origins, helping the women of her Moon Circle by empowering them with the native teachings of Coyolxauhqui (the Moon.) She does not call herself a curandera, healer, or teacher; although she has been given those titles by her community. She feels she has come full circle; the circle her grandmother began but could not end; the circle she accepts and embraces; her roots as a native Indian of this continent.

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