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Facetotems at Mighty Fine Arts; Chuck & George in Project Room

Work from Facetotem by Jason Cohen

Work from Facetotem by Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen: Facetotems
Mighty Fine Arts
June 9 through July 12, 2012

Facetotems is the current exhibit at Steve Cruz’s gallery, Mighty Fine Arts.

Featuring the doodling and cartoon-ish work of Dallas’ Jason Cohen, the show stresses expression and color. Jason’s bio says that his parents let him watch too many cartoons and I can see the results in his work. The black and white faces look like they were invented on the spot without a plan and this is what makes them fun to look at. There’s an entire wall of faces – a peanut gallery supporting a colorful main act.

Another wall of the gallery displays an assortment of portraits – the kind of forgotten oil painting obviously gifted to a relative that went on to find it’s way into a thrift store. They are so vintage looking I had to ask if Jason had painted them. It turns out Jason is a collector and this wall of forgotten masters is part of his personal collection.

Jason Cohen is the owner of Curiosites in Dallas. Anyone attracted to the unusual will probably find something interesting in his shop.

Chuck & George

The project room at Mighty Fine Arts is a side show called Bitchin Chimeras. You’ll understand my use of the term side show when you hear that the room is filled with art curated by Chuck & George (a.k.a. Brian Jones and Brian Scott).

Heyd Fontinot’s Pink Chimera (see below) is an androgynous Pan that makes you wish you’d worn a chastity belt to the party.

Drink Blood by Myian Nguyen is a look at some party girls you don’t want to meet after a few too many glasses of Merlot.

Bitchin Chimeras is full of the outsider images you’ve come to love and expect from Mighty Fine Arts.

Facetotems will be on display at Mighty Fine Arts from June 9 through July 12, 2012.

Work from Facetotem by Jason Cohen

Work from Facetotem by Jason Cohen

Pink Chimera by Heyd Fontinot

Pink Chimera by Heyd Fontinot

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