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W.A.A.S. Gallery Announces Drew Merritt: Chiaroscuro

Tenth Month by Drew Merritt

Tenth Month by Drew Merritt

Drew Merritt: Chiaroscuro
W.A.A.S. Gallery
Opens August 4, 2012

W.A.A.S. Gallery proudly announces Chiaroscuro, a solo exhibition by multifaceted artist Drew Merritt. The Opening Reception is from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Merritt’s work is a blend of contemporary and classical subject matter and technique, resulting in the use of a myriad of mediums and textures to convey his vision of painting the human spirit.

Born on the outskirts of Clovis, New Mexico, Merritt lived and worked on a farm, fostering a deep emotional connection to nature and began his work as an artist. Graffiti covered cargo trains passed before the eyes of the budding artist and indefinitely inspired him to pursue a career underground, against the law, and creating his place in a hybrid culture, between rural and urban.

Though experience and talent speaks for itself, Merritt does not claim the title of “artist.” Supremely humbled by his inspirations, John Singer Sargent, Bernini, Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Caravaggio, he explains, “I am not an artist, but I aspire to live up to the title in the future. I hope my work conveys what I feel, and evokes that same deep emotion in you. If I do, then I have accomplished my goal.” Chiaroscuro, means light and dark. As an artist, the process of creating art straddles the line between light and dark, as does Merritt’s subject matter. Graffiti culture in itself is clandestine. Merritt’s subject matter, however, is seen with hope and determination of the human spirit in a positive, light fashion. The juxtaposition of these qualities yields a visually spectacular series of work, most of which have never been seen before.

For more information on the artist please visit:

W.A.A.S. Gallery, 2722 Logan Street, Dallas, Texas 75215

Located in the epicenter of the recently re-burgeoning Deep Ellum and Fair Park neighborhoods, W.A.A.S Gallery is a unique and exuberant new voice within the Dallas art community. Housed in a newly restored 1930s building, W.A.A.S. is dedicated to showcasing exciting, relevant, and innovative work from significant artists hailing from local and international markets. The gallery has a focus on creating a hybrid exhibition environment that serves as a traditional gallery, while invoking the feel of museum quality installations.

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Dying Breed by Drew Merritt

Dying Breed by Drew Merritt

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