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8th Annual Art Outside Festival in Apache Pass in Rockdale, Texas

The 8th annual Art Outside is a three-day art festival that celebrates creativity in all its forms, community, and the sustainable lifestyle. The event is produced by Austin’s own Art Seen Alliance and features a wide range of original music and performances, handmade goods from one-of-a-kind vendors, sustainability workshops, yoga, and more. The rural landscape of Apache Pass in Rockdale, Texas is temporarily transformed into a magical city that offers shade under majestic oaks or mountainous tents by day, and camping under an unspoiled starry sky by night. Tickets may be purchased at


Art Outside provides an experience like no other, encouraging a communal atmosphere of exploration and a fresh acquaintance with unlimited human imagination. From traditional, two-dimensional gallery art to interactive sculpture installations, Art Outside is an immersive experience that allows participants to share their inspiration, blurring the line between makers and viewers. Festivalgoers are provided with opportunities to discover new skills they have witnessed throughout the festival from the artists themselves.

A nod to the ethos of likeminded events such as Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle, Art Outside nurtures a symbiosis between artists and patrons, making the weekend’s experience both unique and highly personalized. No fences or barricades separate audiences from creators. Ticket holders are encouraged to exercise freedom of expression–attendees actively contribute to the experience.


Environmental sustainability is vitally important to the Art Outside community, and as a result, Art Outside is on the forefront of sustainable festivals by utilizing solar power and biodiesel generators, providing unbottled filtered water, waste recycling, and incorporating educational programs which emphasize the latest environmental education. By embracing ecologically friendly practices, Art Outside strives to inspire patrons to return to their communities with a working knowledge of green methods.

Dance Until Dawn

If the diverse artistic mediums are paints, then music is the canvas that ties them all together–celebrating music as art, the lineup features diverse genres. A late night stage showcases innovative sounds that keep the night owls dancing until the sun rises.


Come prepared to camp under the wide-open Texas sky and live in a temporary art community for the weekend. Purchase of a weekend pass (versus a day ticket) includes three days of festival access as well as a campsite adjacent to the festival grounds. Self-expression is encouraged, especially in campsites, so patrons can feel free to contribute to the overall atmosphere and add to the communal vibe by making their camp an experience all its own.


Apache Pass is a privately owned historic site situated along the San Gabriel river in Milam County. Located at 9112 N. FM 908 in the community of Downtown, Texas (neighboring the cities of Rockdale and Thorndale), Apache pass is approximately sixty miles Northeast of downtown Austin.


The 8th Annual Art Outside Festival is October 19 – 21, 2012.


On September 1, 2012 tickets increased to $90, and at the gate tickets will be available for $110. Onsite RV passes are available for $150 and include electric, water, and septic connections. Offsite RV passes are available for $100 and feature the same amenities. Tickets may be purchased at Individual day passes are also available for purchase.

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