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An Art Filled – Dog Centric Evening at Davis Foundry

Diana and Her Friends by Linda Helton

Diana and Her Friends by Linda Helton

Linda Helton: Best Friends
Davis Foundry Gallery
August 4 through September 29, 2012

The theme for Linda Helton’s latest show is “Dogs are social animals. And one of the best things about owning a dog is that it socializes you too. When you take your dog for a walk, you meet new people and their dogs.”

This was a very true statement. Linda came right up to me stuck out her hand and introduced herself. Before long I was chatting with her family and friends about (what else) dogs.

Linda’s paintings are bright and cheerful. They remind me of folk art and all the paintings are an homage to man’s and woman’s best friends. The gallery was bisected by an array of colorful fire hydrants which was a charming addition to the paintings.

I especially like Danna and Her Friends. Her buddies gaze at us serenely as Danna looks on them with affection. It’s a quiet moment of peace.

Dog Park is a lively gathering of friends. Conversation, tails wagging with the golden lab ready to play catch.

The room was packed and traditional merlot, beer & water was served. Art Garcia, the co-owner was gracious as always and made everyone feel welcomed.

Davis Foundry is located at 509 W Davis St, Ste 100, Dallas, Texas. Contact the gallery by phone at (214) 948-6969 or find them on Facebook at

Dog Park by Linda Helton

Dog Park by Linda Helton

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