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Dallas Art News Ends Content Partnership with Pegasus News

Dallas Art News has decided to end our content partnership with Pegasus News. The partnership began over a year ago before Pegasus News was bought by The Dallas Morning News. Dallas Art News content will only be found at

The content partnership between Dallas Art News and Pegasus News was started to generate more web traffic to the Dallas Art News website. Since the beginning of the year, Dallas Art News has seen very little referral traffic from Pegasus News.

“I was surprised to learn we were still a content partner with Pegasus News. I think The Dallas Morning News should have re-evaluated all existing agreements upon purchase of Pegasus News,” said Michael Roman, Dallas Art News owner and managing editor.

Dallas Art News has stated that we are not affiliated with The Dallas Morning News. We will continue in this capacity with this oversight remedied.

Dallas Art News has created more content and improved the website over the last six months. We would like to enjoy the full benefit from our hard work. We have plans to grow even more over the next six months.

“I can see where a lot of young writers and bloggers would benefit from a partnership with Pegasus News. However, the time has come for use to move on,” said Mr. Roman.

We are not sure how soon our content will stop appearing on Pegasus News. If this post appears on their site, then we expect for our content to be removed rather quickly.

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