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The El Paso Museum of History Presents Motorcycle Madness: The Origins

In conjunction with the exhibit, Motorcycle Madness the El Paso Museum of History is pleased to present the exhibit designer Timothy Hanlon who will give an enlightening talk about the conception and execution of Motorcycle Madness: The Origins. The illustrated lecture will take place in the museum Seminar Room on Thursday evening, September 20, 2012 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

If you have wondered how the motorcycle exhibit at the museum came about, here is your chance. Designer Timothy Hanlon will share with you the fascinating story starting from the initial contact with the museum and the birth of the exhibit concept to how the bikes were acquired, the installation process, graphics development, and the number of people involved whose goodwill and loans made the exhibit a reality.

Timothy Hanlon is the co-founder of Mean Street Products, the world wide leader in design and manufacturing of custom motorcycle forks (front end suspension.) He is a designer, writer and marketing consultant. Currently Timothy is the Sales and Marketing director for the El Diario’s Custom Print Division, Paso Del Norte Publishing, the south west’s largest web printing and publishing company. Timothy and his family grew up on motorcycles starting with mini bikes. It is a passion that continues to this day.

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