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Funeral for Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas

I took photos today that I never wanted to take in my entire life. I shot the final glimpses of Big Tex as his burned structure was lowered to the ground and then hauled away.

The process was nothing short of a funeral for a fallen hero. The people all watched as the crane lowered Big Tex to the ground where he was covered in his storage tarp. And then the remains of Big Tex got a police escort as he was towed away.

The crowd was silent. The blaring music has been turned off. I could hear parents telling their children the importance of the moment.

Rest in peace, my friend. Cheers.

Big Tex Update (October 22, 2012)

Since this post the State Fair of Texas has stated they will rebuild Big Tex. And Mattress Firm will donate an estimated $10,000 to the project. The fair aims to have Big Tex ready by opening day for 2013.

My videos have received more views in the last week that all the years I have had videos on YouTube. I have 11,500+ views for my Big Tex videos. I have another 700+ views for one video that was picked-up by CNN iReports. Apparently, burning down the big man was very popular.

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