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One Lucky San Antonio Museum of Art Member to Drive a Fiat 500 for Two Years

Times are tough, and it is really starting to take a toll on sacred institutions. Case in point, the San Antonio Museum of Art is giving away a two year use (lease?) of a Fiat 500 to one lucky member. If this sounds like a radio gimmick, that’s because it is. Tickets for the Fiat 500 from Ancira Fiat can be purchased at one of three SAMA Art Parties, which are a collaboration between SAMA and KRTU Jazz 91.7 FM.

The first of the three Art Parties was held October 12. The next two will be November 9 and December 14.

Free raffle tickets are given to new and upgrading SAMA members. Existing and renewing members can purchase tickets for $10 each. Additional tickets can be purchased at SAMA’s second Friday Art Parties.

The winner will have use of a Fiat 500 from Ancira Fiat for two years. They will also received a V.I.P. SAMA parking space, which might be the real prize.

The winner must have current auto insurance covering meeting the Texas state minimum insurance requirements for the Fiat 500. Non-members and employees of SAMA or Ancira are not eligible for the raffle.

There is very little information about the raffle on the San Antonio Museum of Art website. The banner image on the home page links to the Membership Levels and Benefits page. It does not say anything about a raffle for the Fiat 500. Best guess is the information is available at the Art Parties.

In case any patrons are feeling particularly lucky, be sure to read the fine print. Cheers.

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