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Christmas Cards by M. C. Roman

Snow Day by M. C. Roman, 2011 as Christmas Card

Snow Day by M. C. Roman, 2011

Tis’ the season for over eating and shopping. But for one of our walkabout art reporters it means Christmas cards. M.C. Roman has created his own Christmas cards for over ten years. See most of the designs in the image gallery below.

Most of Roman’s Christmas cards are linocuts (linoleum block prints). Depending on the detail in the design, it usually takes Roman several hours to carve the block, two hours to print the cards and two more hours for signing, numbering, and mailing. His self portrait in red long underwear card from 2010 was an experiment with screen printing.

Roman only creates thirty-three signed and numbered cards for delivery. These cards usually go out to family and friends. It takes more than being naughty or nice to get on this list. After the usual suspects are carded, then Roman puts a call out on social media to see who would like one of the extra cards. It is usually first come, first serve, until the cards run out.

“As all the cards are numbered from one to thirty-three, my family things it is important for one of them to receive the first card,” said Roman. “What they don’t realize is that the last three cards are created differently from all the rest. These are the special ones that I send to close friends.”

Roman is not fond of his image being tagged on social media, but there is one tag baring his name in the form of a Christmas card.

Card Facts

Here are a few card facts to keep in mind while viewing the gallery below.

  • Vincent’s Starry Night is the most popular card design.
  • Gifts is the same right-side-up or up-side-down.
  • Because Gifts resembled work by M. C. Escher, Roman started signing all his prints with his initials, M. C.
  • Ginger Dog is his yellow Labrador, Oscar, eating a gingerbread house that was made by Roman’s wife.
  • Darth, Luke and Ben is Roman’s only religious card.

Christmas Cards by M. C. Roman

Click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger version. We hope you enjoy the collection. Cheers.

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