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The McKinney Avenue Contemporary Remembers Daniel-Kayne

Mine ... Mine ... by Daniel-Kayne, 2012 at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary

Mine … Mine … by Daniel-Kayne, 2012

It is with sadness that we, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, must share the news of Daniel-Kayne’s passing last week.

Daniel-Kayne was an award winning painter, sculptor and performance artist. He exhibited with The MAC in April of this year with the New Works Space installation Mine…Mine…

Daniel-Kayne is known for having a universal presence that united people worldwide. He maintained projects through his work in the Middle East, France, New York, Canada and Texas. In 2008 he won first-place awards from the Lawndale Art Center’s Big Show and the Texas French Alliance for the Arts.

Daniel-Kayne held a deep sense of spirituality in his work and in his day to day life that could be felt by all who came in contact with him. Deborah Colton, a MAC Board Member and dear friend of Daniel-Kayne, reflects on the artist’s impact saying “Daniel Kayne, what was inside you has been and will continue to be an inspiration to thousands of people near and far. You will be greatly missed but your good spirit and how you made such a positive impact on so many in Texas, nationally and around the world will never leave us all.”

“One thing I always say is that this moment is better than the last. Ideally, I would like to constantly learn, explore, enjoy my life, because this is the time I’m in a physical form, and I don’t know if there’s anything after.” – Daniel-Kayne, 2008

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