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The Xplorer Series by Brain Braun on Kickstarter

The Xplorer Series by Brian Braun

The Xplorer Series by Brian Braun

We recently tweeted back and forth with Dallas-based commercial advertising photographer (and dare we say visionary) Brian Braun. Mr. Braun caught our attention with his campaign. Braun wants to take a Mercury-era space suit on tour of the United States. And we think that is a grand idea. We would even like to follow his progress along the way. Check out Bran’s press release below and consider contributing to his campaign.

The campaign needs $31,000 to be fully funded. Braun already has over $5,000 and 57 backers.

The Xplorer Series Press Release

Brian Braun is a Dallas based commercial advertising photographer whose work has taken him from the wilderness of Africa, past the Arctic Circle and to the red carpets of Hollywood. His subjects range from high end sports cars, private jets, Olympic sprinters, super athletes, architecture etc, etc. On the side, his love for big fun recently featured his hometown Dallas in one of the biggest Harlem Shake videos in the country at Klyde Warren Park!

The Xplorer Series by Brian Braun

The Xplorer Series by Brian Braun

Last year Braun purchased an Airstream trailer and named it Wanderlust with the plan of after it’s redesign construction in July to journey the United States for close to 2 years. Spending most of the time shooting at iconic American locations like National Parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Acadia and Glacier, to name a few), monuments and other points of interest. Brian adds, “I figure since I am single and without kids I want to do, see, and shoot as much as I can in between my commercial career.”

For the past several years Braun has envisioned creating a photography series with what he deems “the coolest astronaut spacesuit ever”, the metallic silver suit from the NASA Mercury missions. “Growing up as a child in the 80’s I’ve always been crazy about the movie The Right Stuff. It was such an important time in the world when America assembled the country’s best pilots to go into space and make history.”

Looking to the crowd fundraising site, he hopes the community will believe in his vision and empower him to create an iconic visual series that will inspire and mesmerize all ages for years to come. Brian looks to create a large fine art photography series of amazing visuals involving the diverse and beautiful landscape terrains of the United States featuring the character he named “The Xplorer”. He exclaims “only sci fi movie storyboards can remotely communicate what my vision is for this series” The majority of the project’s funding will go to hire a professional Hollywood movie prop company to make the exact Mercury mission replica space suit. At the end of his tour he will produce a number of art gallery exhibits across the country (starting in his hometown Dallas) as well as publish a large fine art book.

Though loaded with big dreams, this Texan stays humble, “I’m not rich or famous by any means but words can’t describe how grateful I am for this life.” One can’t help but wish Brian the sentiment he repeats fondly “Dream Big, Be Well, and Go Far”.

Kickstarter Campaign

The goal of the campaign is $31,000. Braun has already raised $5,068 and 57 backers as of this post. Campaign contributions range from $10 to $7,500 with rewards ranging from post cards to a 2 night stay in the Airstream.

The campaign page has some good examples of Braun’s photography and plans for the tour. Be sure to check it out. For more information visit

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