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Christian Millet: Kaleidoscope Transitions at Whitespace

Untitled Chair by Christian Millet at Whitespace Dallas

Untitled Chair by Christian Millet at Whitespace Dallas

Christian Millet: Kaleidoscope Transitions
Whitespace Dallas
Through August 11, 2013

Denton based artist Christian Millet is a 21st century renaissance man. Painter, writer, sculpter; he wears many hats under the banner of artist. His current exhibition at Whitespace Dallas is Kaleidoscope Transitions.

When I viewed the collection, my first impression was Picasso meets Mesoamerica. It’s as though images had leapt from a Mayan temple onto a contemporary canvas. Traditional animal forms in the colors that would have been present on a temple in pre-Columbian times are mixed with modern human faces.

My favorite piece in the show is the untitled chair. The brilliant orange and three-dimensional canvas really made this work stand out in the crowd of bright canvasses.

Originally from Lima Peru, Christian has certainly drawn on the environment he grew up in for the patterns in this body of work. He lists Joan Miro as one of his influences which certainly shows in the geometric patterns and black lines in the paintings. I also see Picasso as an influence in the way Christian has drawn human faces. I asked Christian to talk about this body of work.

Christian Millet at Whitespace Dallas

Christian Millet at Whitespace Dallas

Christian said “my work is highly influence by pre-Columbian cultures as the Incas and the Mayans fused with the contemporary movement of Paul Klee and Joan Miro on a similar trend to Picasso’s work; incorporating at the same time further movements like street art based backgrounds and sense of graphic design! The intention of this show was to compile my most recent work and some older pieces from 2011 and 2012 providing the spectator a full palette of transitions. In my most recent pieces the rotational factor is the key to understand my perspective; let me further explain: you can take an individual piece of art and rotated 90 degrees to see a full new composition! That rotational playful transition is we’re the concept of kaleidoscope was born! Overlapping and subtracting multiple element to compose a new one!”

Whitespace Dallas is not a traditional gallery. The company provides meeting spaces for conventions and corporate functions. The art-centric owners also take advantage of the open loft floorplan to showcase local artists. Christian Millet is also the gallery director for Whitespace so owners Sara and Michael were pleased for the opportunity to show off his talent.

This was the second event I attended at Whitespace and I just want to compliment them for the great party they throw. Finger foods and desserts are catered by some of the best local restaurants. Very nice beer and wines are served, just throw some cash in the tip jar. Music by avant-garde jazz musicians have provided a really cool vibe and dancing is encouraged. An added treat at the Kaleidoscope show was the free prints Christian gifted to the 1st 50 attendees.

Exhibit hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Call 214.272.2450 or visit online at

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