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Remembering the Old Big Tex

We’re only a day away from getting a nearly, brand-spanking new Big Tex. As everyone in Dallas remembers, Big Tex, the State Fair of Texas icon, caught fire on Friday, October 19, 2012. After a year of secrecy, a new Big Tex will be unveiled in Big Tex Circle on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 2 p.m.

We’ve collected all our Big Tex videos in one post and provided links to our other Big Tex related posts. We hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane with us.

Time Lapse Videos

Mr. Holga, our walkabout photographer, captured Big Tex being lifted into place in 2011 (below) and 2012 (above). In his first attempt at time lapse of the installation, the crew was taking too long and the video was cut short. In 2012, the installation was done in short order. Mr. Holga got the complete installation.


Funeral for a Friend

Mr. Holga was at The State Fair of Texas the day of the fire. Armed with only a Holga camera, a few rolls of film and a smartphone, he took photos and video of the charred remains. While videos of Big Tex on fire became instant YouTube hits, only Mr. Holga’s video paid the proper respect to the beloved giant.



We are as eager as everyone else in Texas to see the new Big Tex. Mr. Holga will be on hand to photograph the unveiling. Stay tuned for posts to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll send photos before and after the big unveiling. Stay tuned. Cheers.



Facebook: (Mr. Holga’s account)


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