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Beaux Arts Gallery Presents The World of Arthur Blanchard

Refugees by Arthur Blanchard, 2013 at Beaux Arts

Refugees by Arthur Blanchard, 2013 at Beaux Arts

The World of Arthur Blanchard
Beaux Arts
Opens October 26, 2013

On Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 3 to 6 p.m., Beaux Arts Gallery will host a reception displaying works by artist Arthur Blanchard ranging from nudes to colorful oils. The artist will be in attendance. Almost all are of people in many poses and situations, done in stark realism. The exhibit will be on view through December 7 and selected works from the collection will remain at the gallery on a permanent basis.

The show will include some specimens of his many hundreds of drawings and paintings of what he calls “bus people”, persons with whom he has ridden on Dallas buses since l963. When asked why, he said, “This is what I do. I’ve been drawing people I saw or imagined since I was in grade school. In the army, in college, in business meetings, in church, in doctors’ offices, and when on the telephone, where I have done innumerable doodles of people. I can’t explain it. I like people and I like to draw them. I try to carry a sketchbook whenever I leave the house.” As a testament to the momentum building around his work, David Dyke will sell one of Blanchard’s paintings of the “Bus People” at auction in January 2014.

Nuns by Arthur Blanchard, 2013 at Beaux Arts

Nuns by Arthur Blanchard, 2013 at Beaux Arts

In addition to the people paintings, the show will include a bright painting of the old Dallas Music Hall (across the street from Blanchard’s studio), some still life drawings, and an oil of the apocryphal story of Tobit on an ammunition box.

Blanchard has had other shows, one sponsored by Mary Nye, a well-known Dallas art dealer and good friend, at her home; and two shows in Paris, Texas sponsored by Tallie Bush, one of Texas’ best-known landscape artists, who, Blanchard says, “was the first person who encouraged me to take my work seriously.”Tallie has been my muse to me, I suppose”, he says. This is Blanchard’s first show in a proper gallery.

He is philosophical about being “discovered” so late in life. He is grateful to Bob Schutze, the proprietor of BeauxArts. Blanchard tells the following tale from his days taking classes at Southern Methodist University (SMU). “John Alexander is an SMU graduate in “studio art” who painted in New York and “made good”. Asked at a student meeting at SMU why he became a painter, John said that he wanted to be rich and famous and have lots of girls after him.” Blanchard adds laconically, “I reckon these goals have passed me by, but I thank Bob for doing the best he can for my limited future. When I tell this story, my wife laughs.”

Arthur Blanchard is best known in Dallas as a prominent banking attorney, starting the practice of law in 1963 and later co-founding Payne and Blanchard L.L.P. which continues to be one of the premier defense firms in Dallas. He retired in 1984, largely to pursue his art.

Beaux Arts

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