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Theo Wujcik at Gallery Urbane Dallas

Theo Wujcik at Gallery Urbane Dallas

Theo Wujcik at Gallery Urbane Dallas

Theo Wujcik
Gallery Urbane Dallas
Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Galleri Urbane  is pleased to present a new exhibition by American artist Theo Wujcik (b.1936)  in Dallas. This will be the gallery’s  third solo exhibition of the artist’s work.

Theo Wujcik is a energetic 78-year old whose work is in the Whitney, MOMA, The Boston Museum of Art, The Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, and many other impressive venues. He recently completed a corpus of work (Asian Invasion) that made interesting viewing for those prone to ruminating the ways in which Chinese art suddenly became ubiquitous in American galleries – not to mention hot commodities for those who wish to deal in art the way Wall Streeters sling soybean futures and pork bellies. The work has a thoroughly humorous, not to mention cerebral, edge.

Thus, unsurprisingly, Mr. Wujcik’s new show, “Blue Chip,” is intelligently crafted and a more than a little tongue-in-cheek. He’s arranged a group of paintings depicting his peers, including artists who can be counted among his closest friends, for instance he shows Rosenquist suspended in mid-air on scaffolding and wielding nearly every color flushed through prisms in broad daylight. It’s brilliant – both literally and figuratively. Similarly, each piece in the series offers a vector into the depicted artist’s work. Apart from those already mentioned, viewers are treated to a vector into the works of Warhol, Murakami, and Damien Hirst.

Mr. Wujcik admits to enjoying the nightlife in his native city in Florida. Says he, “I find all kinds of things on the street. When I found the picture of Murikami it had something spilled on it. The Xerox was bleeding green – so I called it ‘Splash.'” We all might find such things but who among us would have the wherewithal to see it? Therein lies Wujcik’s genius. He depicts Koons handling a flashlight and reverberating in a dopplegangerish mirror image. Thus, homage is given to Koon’s body of work while simultaneously delivering a mischievous wink. “Blue Chip” delivers a studied understanding of each artist’s work while exposing a process that is thoroughly identifiable with Mr. Wujick. The artist readily admits that he still enjoys dancing with the hottest women in Florida clubs as well as chatting with people who, rightly, find him to be a fascinating raconteur.

About Theo Wujcik

Mr.Wujcik is a professor emeritus of University of South Florida where he taught from 1972 to 2003. His works have been included in exhibitions and in the permanent collections of America’s premier art institutions, including: New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art; MOMA; Brooklyn Museum of Art; the Detroit Institute and The Yale University Art Gallery in Connecticut.

Mr. Wujcik is also the recipient of two NEA Fellowships; a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award; a University of South Florida Research and Creative Scholarship Grant; a Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship an Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Fund for Mural Painting as well as a Fellowship Award from the National Academy of Design, New York.

Mr. Wujcik has also worked with internationally known artists such as Robert Morris, James Rosenquist, Ed Ruscha, Richard Anuszkiewicz and Nicholas Krushenick. His prints have been published by Brooke Alexander Gallery in New York, Tamarind Lithography Workshop in California, Pyramid Arts, and Graphicstudio.

Gallery Urbane Dallas

Gallery Urbane Dallas is located at 2277 Monitor St., Dallas, Texas 75207. For more information visit

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