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Barry Whistler Gallery Opens Parallel Process

Untitled by Polly Lanning Sparrow, 2013 at Barry Whistler Gallery

Untitled by Polly Lanning Sparrow, 2013 at Barry Whistler Gallery

PARALLEL PROCESS: Polly Lanning Sparrow, Toni LaSelle, Lorraine Tady, Leslie Wilkes
Barry Whistler Gallery
May 10 through June 7, 2014

Barry Whistler Gallery opens Parallel Process featuring works by Polly Lanning Sparrow, Toni LaSelle, Lorraine Tady and Leslie Wilkes. The exhibit opens Saturday, May 10, 2014 with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m.

From Press Release:

Parallel process is a group exhibition showcasing the work of four artists whose practices engage with the way color and line navigate time and space.  The show’s title refers to our brain’s ability to multi-task or filter various visual stimuli—evaluating what we see based upon its color, motion, shape, and depth.  Leslie Wilkes (Marfa, TX) tests this filter directly with colorful Rorschach-like paintings that reflect a symmetry found in our natural surroundings.  Their alternating pale and vibrant colors, meanwhile, work to steal and shift our focus, so the subject of our reckoning is of questionable depth and scale.  In a group of works belonging to a “vibration series,” Lorraine Tady (Dallas, TX) employs a similar ambiguity with geometric forms that seem to constantly relocate themselves on the paper.  A reduced color palette highlights the occasional stopping point of a solid form, suggesting a potential for our attention.  Polly Lanning Sparrow (Austin, TX) also offers varied solutions to a unique pictorial problem by letting multi-part paintings stutter their way through our formal register.  Her figures appear to be sections of each other, “suggesting broken links in communication or parts of displaced architecture.” Lastly, in the work of Toni LaSelle (1901 – 2002, Denton, TX and Provincetown, MA), common geometric shapes populate her cray-pas works on paper, allowing the picture plane to feel constructed or filled.

Barry Whistler Gallery

The Barry Whistler Gallery is located at 2909-B Canton Street, Dallas, Texas 75226. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. For more information visit

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