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Don’t See Faces of Impressionism at the Kimbell Art Museum

I don’t usually advise against seeing an art exhibit, but I strongly recommend not seeing Faces of Impressionism: Portraits from the Musée d’Orsay at the Kimbell Art Museum. I would very much like you to see one of van Gogh’s self portraits, or the ballet dancers by Degas, or the magnificent bust of Victor Hugo by Rodin, or the piano players by Renoir. Unfortunately for all art patrons, the Kimbell Art Museum has stuffed these worldly gems in a closet called the Renzo Piano Pavilion. And if that wasn’t enough, the museum is cramming in paying patrons as fast as they can. I would prefer to see an exhibit at a sardine factory. Oh wait, I did.

K3 Sisters Band Puts on Delightful Show at McKinney Performing Arts Center

Last Saturday, March 22, the K3 Sisters Band put on a delightful show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center in downtown McKinney, Texas. Sisters Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen Kassab along with parents and other band members entertained for over an hour. The old McKinney Performing Arts Center building made the whole show seem like the Grand Ole Opry with the wood floors, cushioned seats and antique pipe organ. This family-friendly show should not be missed.

JFK Tribute in Fort Worth

Dallas Art News managing editor Michael Roman ventured over to Fort Worth to view the new JFK Tribute in front of the former Hotel Texas. The memorial was unveiled earlier this spring. The center piece is a bronze statue by late Texas sculptor Lawrence M. Ludtke of Houston.

Slow Art Day in Downtown Dallas

Saturday, April 27, 2013, was Slow Art Day, a global all-volunteer event to help more people discover the joy of looking and loving art. In actuality, it was a really nice day for a handful of people to enjoy some art together. Our host, Tanya Miller, led the expedition of art aficionados through the Dallas Arts District to view some hidden gems of the local art scene.

Dallas Museum of Art Opens Youth & Beauty: Art of the American Twenties

Today, the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) opens Youth & Beauty: Art of the American Twenties. This is a wonderful exhibit with over 130 paintings, sculptures and photographs by 60 American artists. The works cover a wide range of subject matter as the twenties were preceded by World War I and ended with the Great Depression. Youth & Beauty was organized by the Brooklyn Museum and is on view through May 27, 2012.

So Much to See, So Little Time to See It

I have an ambitious day planned and beautiful Dallas weather. I can only hope to accomplish half of what I want to see and do. My stops include Asel Art Supply, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Meadows Museum. I also have several temptations that I’m sure will lead me astray.