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Review of Lucian Freud: Portraits at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Lucian Freud: Portraits, now on display through October 28, 2012, at the Modern Museum of Fort Worth, is well worth a little of your own obsessive viewing. The Modern’s exhibit, a real coup for the museum and its chief curator, Michael Auping, houses a vast collection of about 90 portraits dating from 1943 through Freud’s death in 2011. On loan from the National Portrait Gallery, London, this luscious flesh parade of oils on canvas not only reflects Freud’s unique and celebrated obsession with the human form, but also his ability to capture the emotional undercurrent that flows between painter, subject and viewer.

Review of Elliot Hundley’s The Bacchae at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Ancient Greek tragedy inspires great art, and LA-based artist Elliott Hundley’s The Bacchae , currently on exhibit at the Nasher Sculptural Center, is no exception. Through a combination of found-object assemblages, stunning large scale collages and an oil on linen painting that nods to de Chirico, Hundley’s work evokes all of the lust, betrayal, violence, and despair expected in a visual interpretation of ancient Greek tragedy. Metaphysical art is presented through eclectic materials, photographs and a unique interpretation of the human form. Hundley’s catalog challenges the observer’s preconceived ideas of sculpture and collage, and brings Euripides’ final, tragic play to frenzied life.