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Time Lapse: A Magnolia Retrospective – Decoding Secrets

Nicole and Scott Horn, guest curators at the Ross-Akard Gallery, hosted the opening to Time Lapse: A Magnolia Gallery Retrospective, on Saturday, April 30th. As soon as I walked into the lobby, questions begin to form in my mind about wolves, government brain washing, and innocent girls with bunny masks. This show is representative of the Horn’s ability to spot good art talent, and I continue to be impressed with Nicole and Scott Horn’s taste and curation of all things beautiful.

The MAC Starry, Starry Nights – Dark Water Beauty

The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) is currently featuring the Starry, Starry Nights exhibition curated by the wonderful June Mattingly. This is a Five Light-Filled? installation that features art with an emphasis on light brought alive literally and figuratively in five distinct mediums by five distinguished Texas artists. This is why I am a fan of June Mattingly, she has always supported Texas artists either through her gallery years ago, her website, her column in Dallas Modern Luxury, and her guest curation. The Texas artists that are participating in this exhibition are Adela Andea, Chris Lattanzio, Jeremy McKane, Susie Rosmarin, and Billy Zinser.

Ross vs. Ross – Orchards of Possibility

Richard’s distinctive trees can be seen as soon as you walk in from across the room. As you get closer to the large piece, you notice the tile pattern used in the background. When you are right in front of the piece you can read more on the story, “the road to the store” in small, painted legible writing. My favorite piece from the entire show is one of the large painted trees, the red and black, ‘The Orchard Trees’.

The Art of Friendship: eNeRGy with Mark Nelson, Richard Ross and Sergio Garcia

On September 18, 2010, HCG Gallery will open the N.R.G. exhibition featuring new works from artists Mark S Nelson, Richard Ross and Sergio Garcia. The concept of N.R.G. was born in New York City in 2008 at an Irish pub, amidst the endless flow of beer, laughter, and three dudes from Dallas participating in the Affordable Art Fair. I had the pleasure of being invited to Mark Nelson’s studio this past Saturday to get a sneak peek at the upcoming N.R.G. new works, and chat with all three of the artists.

RISING Gallery Opens I Am Women to a Packed Venue

RISING Gallery was pulsing like a crowded downtown nightclub for a full three hours on July 15, 2010, for the I Am Woman art opening. The FGIII Art & McKane organization who put on the exhibition packed the venue with great art, a DJ, string musicians, a beautiful crowd, and eighteen local smoking hot female artists. The show features a group of artists’ works benefiting Alley’s House, a non-profit for teen mothers and their children. The artwork is on 24 x 24 inch canvases all priced at $300 and based on the theme “feminity, love, beauty, passion and power”.

I am Woman: Group Exhibition to Benefit Alley’s House

RISING Gallery is proud to host a two week art exhibition here at the gallery titled I AM WOMAN. All proceeds from this exhibition will benefit Alley’s House, a wonderful non-profit Dallas organization. The mission of Alley’s House is to empower teen mothers and their children to achieve independence through support services, education and mentoring. Alley’s House strives to break the generational, economic, and social impact of teen pregnancy within the community. Please visit for more information.

Review of Chris Panatier at RISING Gallery

One hot summer Thursday evening found me at the foyer of Rising Gallery admiring the custom mural on the wall. It is smashed with red paint, bracing itself for the compelling woman painted within. The painting grips you, holds you there for a moment and just when you think you are released, she imposes her will onto you as you walk through the works of Chris Panatier, Love Them Now, Always. He captures various moments in a person’s life on wood panel with oil paint. I inspect the series to try to understand his process, and realize that I need to meet this artist and ask him all the questions that came up during my tour of his series at Rising.

Sometimes by Lisa Lindholm at Kettle Art Gallery

Local artist Lisa Lindholm recently exhibited her series Sometimes at Kettle Art Gallery. I attended the opening and enjoyed her pixelated works. She included in this show her Lost + Found series; these are painted messages on various maps. I found these very clever. On her works of painted figures, it seems she shows her process a bit with leaving blocks of colors that appear pixalated images on one side and the other side painted in. One of my favorites is ‘The Courage of Gravity’. If you look closely you can see the blocks of color in most of her works. I love this touch.

Trigger Happy: Art by Cathey Miller on View at the Magnolia Gallery

If you take the escalator of the Magnolia Theatre right now, you find yourself on the second floor captivated by Cathey Miller’s series, Trigger Happy. They are like candy on the walls with their pleasing color palettes and saucy actresses holding guns. Each painting has a message, or rather a command, like ‘Shut It’,’Come Here’, and ‘Bring It’.

Soft at Heart at The Magnolia

Local artist Corey Godfrey’s opening of her series Soft at Heart at The Magnolia this past Thursday, March 4, found me delighting in childhood memories of crafting with glue and found objects. She utilizes soft material (yarn) mixed with acrylic paint in creating beautiful visuals of women.