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Late Night Insomniac Tour with Bonnie Pitman

Bonnie Pittman contributed to one of my fondest memories from a Late Night at the Dallas Museum of Art. Late Night schedules are so packed that it is really tough to participate in every activity. For three consecutive months, I had promised myself I was going to take the Insomniac Tour. The night I finally made it, Bonnie was the tour guide. I had seen her a few times around the museum, but had not recalled ever having a personal conversation with her. Really, who just saunters over and chats up the Eugene McDermott Director?

Straight Lines Bend: Gabriel Dawe at the Dallas Contemporary

The moment I entered the side gallery of Dallas Contemporary, I had an immediate and visceral response to Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 4. My first reaction was one of child-like, wide-eyed awe: I love when straight lines bend! I love the juxtaposition of this colossal textile sculpture against the naked brick of the room. I love that the direct lighting creates a feeling of being in a world with many suns, especially when viewed at night. Moving closer and then around the installation, I am completely absorbed.

Dallas Arts District Summer Block Party, Think “Water”!

The museums in the Dallas Arts District came together for a summer block party that really brought the fun! I’m very familiar with the Late Night at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). I try to attend every 3rd Friday of the month. And, I’ve attended two Crow Collection of Asian Art After Dark events. But, last night was the first time I attended a ‘Til Midnight at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Gladys Knight at the Nasher Sculpture Center

This sold out event had been on my calendar since December, when I pre-gifted attendance to my mother at Christmas. I started tweeting about it regularly in January, as I waited impatiently to be allowed to buy tickets. By the time tickets were available, my guest list had grown to include my aunt and uncle. For the last 6 months, this has been the most anticipated event on our calendars!

Space City Gamelan at the Crow Collection of Asian Art

The Crow Collection of Asian Art has kicked off a brand, spankin’ new monthly program and I love it! Last Thursday evening the indoor courtyard of Gallery III transformed into the Silk Road Lounge, complete with dim mood lighting, silk covered café tables and hypnotic world music spun by DJ Woodtronic.

Review of Recent Paintings by Yang Jin Long at the Crow Collection of Asian Art

Stride hastily into the ground floor gallery of the Crow Collection of Asian Art and you may find yourself halting abruptly in utter awe. In this gallery hang huge canvases full of a frenzied mix of colorful and cotton eye-candy fun imagery. This is the work of Yang Jin Long. Slow your approach to take in Yang’s Untitled Series, a collection of contemporary Chinese works of art that is intensely enriched with a depth echoing the vibe of modern China.

500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show Review

On view at the annual 500X Gallery EXPO Juried Show are works of art by emerging artists living right here in the heart of Texas. This year’s show was juried by English artist Richard Patterson and Christina Rees, TCU Curator of Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. This exhibit runs through January 30, 2010.